Which Online Retailers Have the Most Satisfied Customers?

Time to review the “2012 Harris Poll Shopper Satisfaction Study of Online Retailers: A Look at The Online Shopping Landscape.”

Note for 2013: can you call start using shorter titles on your reports?

This one asked customers to rate 14 top online retailers in regard to the selection of products, ease of shopping, perceived value and likelihood to recommend, and overall satisfaction.

Coming out on top was Amazon with 82 out of 100. They got their highest marks for product selection, which isn’t a surprise. Ease of shopping scored slightly higher than price, which is interesting. Consumers said they’d recommend Amazon to others and gave it an overall score of 5.9 out of 7.

What I find intriguing is that people are so positive about a giant retailer such as Amazon. I think the secret is personalization. Even though they carry tons of products and have bucket loads of customers, they make you feel special by providing spot on recommendations and individualized areas like the wish list. Beyond that, they do provide excellent customer service. They communicate every step of the way, and they respond quickly to problems, even when it involves a third party seller.

Any online retailer could learn a lot from the way Amazon handles their customers.

Costco and Target came in second and third on the list with L.L. Bean and Victoria Secret taking the top spots for Apparel. Here’s Victoria’s other secret,

On almost every measure for every retailer tested, positive ratings among women outpaced those of men.  However, positive ratings of Victoria’s Secret among men are roughly even with those of women for selection of products (75% men vs. 72% women) and likelihood to recommend to a friend or relative (73% men vs. 71% women).

Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch pulled some of the lowest totals coming in under 60 out of 100. Low price leaders JCPenney and Kohl’s both had overall scores of 70 beating out pricy department stores Macy’s and Nordstrom.

This goes along with the general sentiment of customers who said that value for the money was the most important factor (33%) for a return shopping trip. Ease of shopping only got 16% of the vote and selection of products on 10%.

Sadly, the option most people (41%) checked was “not at all sure.”

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Which Online Retailers Have the Most Satisfied Customers?

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