November Mobile Mix: Android Captures 52 Percent of Ad Impressions

Another Millennial Media Mobile Mix is here and it’s like finding the first gift of the holiday season. You know how I love their inventive covers and this month they went with something classical. Here’s just a snippet. I’ll have a link for the whole image and the download at the end of this post.


Apple is still the leading device manufacturer but Android picked up 52% of the ad impressions on their network. Just two years ago, iOS owned 50% of the ad impressions and Android got only half that, so it’s quite a change in just a short time. Blackberry is hanging in but their numbers are rapidly dropping.

Non-Phone Devices

Non-Phone devices (ie Tablets) were responsible for 20% of the ad impressions this quarter. A year ago, they only claimed 14%, so that rise is slow but steady.

A couple of interesting notes:

– 40% of tablet owners use their device to read newspapers and magazines with Kindle Fire owners taking top honors.

– 50% of global consumers (on average) own two or more personal connected devices.

I’d like to know the stats on how many people own more than one tablet. I’ve been tempted to get an Android or Kindle tablet to keep my iPad company but it would be almost completely redundant. Just goes to show you the power of a good TV ad. I want one even though I don’t need one. (How long will I hold out. . . . . ?)


Lots of people used their mobile devices to keep up with election coverage with a 32% increase in election specific apps.

Games continue to rule as the number one category of mobile apps with Music & Entertainment coming in second.

Communications apps popped up to third from fifth in Q2. Was there a big app release I’m forgetting? Maybe people wanted to touch base with distant family members over the Thanksgiving weekend?

New on the Top Ten list are Dating and Productivity apps. What an interesting twosome. I can’t speak to the dating side, but I’m a fiend when it comes to productivity apps. I’m always downloading new ones in hopes of finding the magic tool that will help me stop procrastinating, alas, they’ve all failed me in the end.

What’s your favorite new app? Angry Birds Star Wars was the last thing I downloaded so I’m ready to try something new.

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The rest is here:
November Mobile Mix: Android Captures 52 Percent of Ad Impressions

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