Google+ Serves As ‘Plumbing’ of New VetNet Program

Google is getting creative with Google+ by embedding it into, or as they put it ‘providing the plumbing’ for, a new combined offering called VetNet.

In a nutshell, VetNet brings together a few strong organizations that help vets find a new career in civilian life and, if this video is any indication, is relying on Google+ Hangouts as primary way to deliver services and classes. Take a look at this video from the Official Google blog

While Google+ struggles for adoption amongst social media users at large it appears as if Google is now looking to more creative, and quite honestly, PR worthy ways to get the service in use by more people.

It looks like Google is into Google+ for the long haul and while it has MANY detractors that can only be a good thing for social media as a whole but maybe more importantly, people who can be helped by its service offerings.

I have to admit that every time I think I have forgotten about Google+ I get hit with another application of the service that makes me wonder why I am not using it more.

What about you?

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