Mobile Ads Among Least Liked Ad Forms

People apparently like a clean mobile experience. If the findings of a MillwardBrown AdReaction Study 2012 are accurate mobile ads are among the least liked of all ad formats. The following chart comes from Marketing Charts which repackaged the MillwardBrown findings shows that mobile ads keep company with the likes of some forms of spam email with regard to being liked. Ouch.

So why are people more tolerant of ads elsewhere? It’s could be that they simply accept the ideas of ads on TV and in other media. We are used to it and it is expected. Mobile is a relatively new player and it emboldens consumers to call for a cleaner and less cluttered experience or at least the ability to create an experience of their choice.

It will take a considerable amount of time, effort and experimentation to get consumers to the point where mobile and ads move up this chart. Screen size and the relative inconvenience in an otherwise extremely convenient environment are not going to be easy hurdles to overcome.

I know I am not a big mobile advertising fan especially if it is an interstitial that continues to pop-up and interfere in my experience even after saying “No thanks” a lot. Mobile is unique in that one hopes that it might be different and even possibly more pure as a content delivery channel.

We all know, however, that nothing is for free, especially if it is of quality. Maybe the idea of paywalls and pay-per-view content will have a wider spread acceptance if people are truly fed up with advertising. I think there is room for both but then again, I don’t run the financials of any publishers accept our little corner of the world.

What’s your take on mobile advertising? Do you like it? Tolerate it? Hate it? Let us know.

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Mobile Ads Among Least Liked Ad Forms

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