YouTube Rewind’s Gangnam Style: The Best of 2012

rewind youtube style 2012If you had any doubt that YouTube’s big year in review video would feature anything other than “Gangnam Style,” then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Psy’s addictive, Korean dance tune broke all records becoming the most watched video on YouTube ever in only six months. Since then, this song and it’s singer have been featured on TV and dozens of parody videos have popped up including The Hobbit version “Gandolf Style,” the wet and wild “Lifeguard Style” and the out of this world “NASA Johnson Style.”

To honor this breakout hit, YouTube gathered together the top stars from their channel and had them perform their own parodies creating a dual homage.  YouTube Rewind 2012 includes Walk off the Earth, KassemG, iJustine, MysteryGuitarMan, DaveDays, DeStorm, PyroBooby, BarelyPolitical, RealAnnoyingOrange, FreddieW, RhettAndLink, Smosh, CorridorDigital, RyanHiga and scifi fan favorite FeliciaDay.  Leading the pack is Psy himself.

Though most of the video is dedicated to some of the crazier characters to grace the small screen, there are also salutes to a few serious moments such as the Mars Landing, the space jump, the Olympics and the race for President.

This really is the most fun I’ve had watching YouTube in awhile. Kudos to everyone involved.

If you’d like a more detailed look at the YouTube year in review, check out the Interactive Timeline. Here you can see the sequence of events, then click on any of the video icons in the grid to go to that video.

Finally, for those who can’t bear to move on to the serious work of the day, how about the outtakes from the YouTube Rewind video shoot. Cute stuff.

What was your favorite YouTube video this year?

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