Amazon Matches Record High for Holiday Shopping Satisfaction

Amazon made it through another holiday season with big bucks and a whole lot of happy customers. According to ForeSee’s annual  Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index, Amazon matched their record high with an 88 out of 100, the best score on the chart.

26 other online retailers came in at 80 or above, which is a very impressive score. They include, and Vistaprint. But for the average retailer, customer satisfaction appears to have hit a sticking point. Look at this comparison of the rise in online spending versus the rise in customer satisfaction.

foresee customer satisfaction

Makes me wonder what it is we’re missing. If Amazon is only an 88, what would be a 100 in customer’s minds? A personal shopper that does all the work for you? Free merchandise? Items made to order? Cracking the 90 spot doesn’t seem possible.

Maybe what online retailers need to concentrate on now is not losing the ground they’ve gained. Apple dropped to the lowest score they’ve had in the past four years. Dell fell even harder, dipping below the average to a 77.

The biggest losers?, who had the biggest drop – six points to a 78. and landed at the bottom of the list with a 72.

Most improved? and the online Sony store.

Does any of this matter? ForeSee says, yes it does. Satisfied shoppers are more likely to return and recommend. Now, here’s the kicker. ForeSee’s analysis shows that a one-point drop in satisfaction is equal to a 14% change in revenue. Ouch. No one can afford to lose even that much due to poor customer service.

To make it to the top of the list, companies rely on quality merchandise with an emphasis on variety and availability. Only 7 out of the top 10 companies relied on a lower price point.

Next week, we start a new year. A whole new chance to do right by your customers. What can you do to improve your customer satisfaction? Think beyond price and shipping. Think about personalized service, more efficient means of contact and unexpected perks.

Are your customers satisfied? Why not ask them? You may be surprised by the results.

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Amazon Matches Record High for Holiday Shopping Satisfaction

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