Worldwide Ad Spend Growth Reveals Which Economies Are Struggling

A recent study by eMarketer gives an interesting look into the world’s various economies. Sure it’s only one metric but it is pretty telling to see just how much the US and Western Europe as a whole are a drag on overall ad spend growth numbers worldwide.

Total Media Ad Spend By Country

Let’s face it folks, politicians can say whatever they want but if we listen to them then shame on us. The economy is still sputtering along at best in the traditional economic strongholds like the US and companies are reflecting that sluggishness in how they are willing to spend to promote their wares.

Those selling advertising say it is most important to advertise in bad times to stay ahead of the competition when things improve. Advertisers, on the other hand, are a little pragmatic and feel like there is less reason to advertise to a public that is not willing or even able to buy what they are promoting.

Where do you stand on this? Do you see the economy, particularly in the US and Western Europe, as improving? Are you going to spend more on advertising in 2013? Let us know what your take is.

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Worldwide Ad Spend Growth Reveals Which Economies Are Struggling

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