The Marketing Pilgrim 2013 Shape-Up Plan for Marketers

shape upLike many Americans, I greeted the new year watching the ball drop in Time Square on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” It was an enjoyable experience except for the commercial breaks which were dominated by Weight Watchers. Not surprising, since getting into shape and losing weight always makes the list of top 3 New Year’s resolutions.

With that in mind, I put together a shape-up plan for marketers that will help you get a fresh start in this new year.

Review your website

When was the last time you read your own website? Doesn’t matter how perfect it was when you put it up five years ago, things change. Review every page of the site, read the text for typos and click to find broken links.

Read it again with an eye toward refreshing the content. Is any of the information out-dated? Is there anything you can change just to shake it up? Simply rearranging information can help returning customers see things they never saw before. Don’t go too crazy, though. Customers hate it when they can’t find their way around.

Update your mailing list

You should be doing this regularly, but in case you haven’t, take the time now to delete old addresses and add new ones. Send a test email to yourself and verify how it looks on your computer and on your phone. Also, check the links, including the unsubscribe button. I know you don’t want anyone to click it but save yourself some grief and make it obvious. One more request. Please don’t use guilt screens for your unsubscribe. One company has a clip of a man getting hit if I unsubscribe. That’s annoying and unnecessary. A simple, sorry to see you go, with an option to say why is sufficient.

Review your social media accounts

Take some time to really look at your Twitter, Facebook and other accounts. Up-date the main photos, follow your new followers, and check your profile settings. Now, go look at your competitors. What are they doing with their accounts? Are there lessons to be learned (good and bad). Is there more you could be doing?

Take a look at your desk

Really. Right now. Stop reading this and look around you.

If clutter is what you see, then take ten minutes to sort. Knickknacks and accumulated junk should go into a box and into a closet. Open all mail and sort into piles: To Do or To File. Get brutal with the trash. Move the To File folder out of your line of vision for another day.  If you’re into To Do lists, make one.

Now look around. You should feel better already.

Schedule breaks

Work is good, but hours hunched over a keyboard with your eyes fixed on a screen isn’t healthy. Set a break alert on your computer or cell phone at least once a day. (Probably late afternoon.) When the alarm goes off, either get up and take a short walk or, open a desk yoga video on YouTube. Breathe, stretch, focus on something other than work for ten minutes. Drink a bottle of water and laugh. Tell yourself that it’s a good day (even if it isn’t) then go back to work. A short break does wonders for your focus so don’t sweat the time off.

Do you have tip, favorite break video or clutter-free idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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