How to Make Your Media Buys Generate More Profit


Buying media can be expensive, time-consuming and an overall failure if it’s not done correctly. The question is: how do you ensure your investment will provide returns? The Future of Engagement host, Murray Newlands and CEO of MixRank Ilya Lichtenstein join Adrants’ Steve Hall (that would be me, don’t laugh) in a webinar in which we walk you through a new method of media buying, showing you exactly how to buy traffic profitably.

Join this live webinar to learn the step by step definitive guide to media buying. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

- How smart media buying can more than double your return on investment
- How to find find sites that have your perfect audience
- What email copy will grab a publisher’s attention instantly
- The “magic question” that will get you a lower ad price

Register now to make sure your media buying is as efficient as it can be.

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How to Make Your Media Buys Generate More Profit

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