New ExactTarget Report Reminds Marketers, You Are Not Average

SFF20-coverI often forget that I know things the average person doesn’t. I don’t mean that to sound snobby. What I mean is that when you spend your whole day navigating the internet, posting to blogs and social media, and responding to email, you forget that some people don’t go on the internet at all. (Horrors!)

ExactTarget just released a fascinating new chapter in their Subscribers, Fans and Followers series. It’s called “Marketers From Mars.” And before they got me with the research, they hooked me with the wonderful, 1950′s space race graphics that they used throughout the pages.

The report contends that the modern marketer is like the space explorers of the past. We’re left our connected world behind in favor of technologically advanced devices and web tools. We’re Tweeting and Instagramming photos while much of the world is still talking on the phone and sifting through old snapshots they had processed at the Fotomat ten years ago.

ExactTarget says that 90% of marketers own smartphones but only 51% of consumers have one. That means that you’re cutting off almost half your potential audience if you rely on a smartphone app to promote your brand.

41% of marketers say they’ve bought something as a direct result of seeing it on Facebook. The number drops to 31% when you asked consumers with smartphones. For those without smartphones, the number drops to only 12%.

There are a few areas where the two groups think alike. Almost an equal percentage of marketers and consumers check their email first thing in the morning. They both subscribe to brands hoping for coupons and deals and they’re both more selective about which companies they subscribe to.

But the differences outweigh the similarities not only in number but in what they represent. Look at this chart from the new report. They asked both marketers and consumers where they should be spending their time and effort in order to increase customer loyalty and service.


This is worrisome. Marketers have always been told that the secret to an active Facebook page is the use of related content so it’s not all one promotional update after another. 23% of marketers agree, but only 6% of consumers thought this was a good idea. Consumers do want more Facebook, but mostly, they want email and websites.

Smartphone app? Geez, don’t bother with these numbers and Twitter’s out, too. Google Plus is more interesting to consumers than to marketers but in the grand scheme it’s not important at all.

If you believe these numbers, then it’s time to reassess your marketing campaigns for the rest of the year. Ramp up email, cut back on fresh content, forget mobile and keep posting promotions on Facebook. Does that sound like a plan to you?

Before you make any drastic changes (or decide not to make changes) download the free report from ExactTarget. It’s loaded with very interesting information and the spacy theme will keep you amused while you read.

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New ExactTarget Report Reminds Marketers, You Are Not Average

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