Google+ Hangouts Get New Features

Google+ Hangouts are gaining traction.

Are they taking the world by storm? Probably not but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or that Google is simply letting them go ‘as is’.

Yesterday, Google engineer Tim Blasi posted this on Google+ regarding updates to the service.

Today we’re excited to launch two new features that improve the Hangouts experience in areas with low and/or unreliable connectivity:

1) Bandwidth slider. At the top right of every hangout is a new slider that lets you adjust your bandwidth preferences in real-time. This makes it easier to keep hangouts going, even in areas with poor connectivity.

2) Audio-only mode. Choose this mode to send and receive audio only, and thus, significantly reduce your bandwidth requirements. Other participants will only see your profile picture, but they’ll hear you loud and clear.

Are you using Google+ and all the options it provides? Do you still feel that Google+ is a ‘ghost town’? If that’s your point of view have you ever considered that you may be missing the point?

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Google+ Hangouts Get New Features

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