Why Do These Top 20 Brands Have Such Loyal Fans?

starbucks facebookFriday Quiz Question: Which brand has the most loyal followers on Facebook?

Go ahead and guess, I’ll wait. (If you saw the report from LoudDoor and you know the answer, hush and let everyone else play the game.)

I heard someone shout Taco Bell, someone else yelled Coca-Cola. I heard Disney and Kraft. Good answers, but you’re way off. The brand with the most loyal Facebook following is. . . . St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I feel really good about that. But the other 19 brands on the Top 20 list, aren’t as altruistic.

The numbers come from LoudDoor’s new Brand Satisfaction dashboard which tracks every major brand on Facebook. Then, using surveys, they determine what percentage of the followers are “Promoters”, “Passives” and “Detractors.” They do this by asking how likely a fan would be to recommend the page to a friend.

Bottom line, if people like a brand enough to want to enthusiastically share it with everyone they know, that brand ends up on the top of the list.

The Top 5 for January were:

1.    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

2.    Facebook

3.    Google

4.    Walt Disney World

5.    ALDI USA

A couple of surprises here. I didn’t expect loyalty for Facebook and Google pages. I didn’t even know Google had a Facebook page. Walt Disney World I totally get (Disneyland made the list at 18) and ALDI is a grocery store chain that I’ve never heard of but apparently, they’re very popular.

When you move into the next grouping, a couple of trends pop-out.

People Love Food

Food brands are hot on Facebook. Duncan Hines (9), Hershey’s (12), In-N-Out Burger (13), Dove Chocolates (14) and Starbucks Frappuccino (7).

Most of these brand pages are filled with close-up photos of yummy foods. In-N-Out does the opposite, instead of food, they hone in on the experience with posts about new locations and special events. Starbucks adds a quirky spin to their edible photos, posting almost nothing but artistic shots of frappuccinos in a variety of settings. Their recent “upside down” posting (see above) received more than 4,600 likes.

People Love to Be Entertained

Several entertainment brands made the Top 20 list including  Xbox (6), AMC Theatre (20), NFL (15) — come on, sports are entertaining — and BRAVO (17).

Ellen Stone, Bravo’s Senior Vice President of Marketing says her network grabbed the only TV spot on the list because they changed their social media mission.

“We changed our philosophy in how we speak to fans. Our mission is to make friends, not fans. When Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta got engaged, we didn’t just post an announcement on our Facebook page. We gave people the opportunity to send their best wishes. It had 70% virility. That’s a different way of looking at virility, right?”

All of Bravo’s posts drive traffic back to their official web site. The NFL does the same thing using large photos to promote daily articles. XBox drives most of their fans to YouTube to watch game trailers. AMC also sends people to YouTube, but they also put up a lot of contest and special event posts with links that go back to either their homepage or the Facebook page for that movie.

Top Dollar

The one brand that surprises me the most is Dollar Tree which took the 19th spot on the list. This discount chain has 656,048 likes on a page that primarily features photos of inexpensive party goods and holiday themed decorations. Very little text. Just pictures of stuff. Pure genius.

Tell us, which Facebook brands have earned your loyalty? And why?

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