VW Subtly (Desperately?) Urges Men to Buy Beetle


Over 60% of VW Beetle owners are women, the highest percentage of any vehicle according to TrueCar.com. In an effort to man-up the Beetle, VW redesigned it last year basically dropping a gigantic weight on top of the vehicle to squash it into a more lean and mean looking vehicle.

A new ad for the convertible version of the Beetle created by Deutsch subtly drives home the point they’d really like more men to buy their car. In the spot, a young woman is awoken by her boyfriend at the window on a beautiful sunny day. They drive around a small town that they seem to have to themselves, except for a lone caribou. It’s shot all fuzzy-like with soothing music so as to, perhaps, entice women into begging their boyfriend’s to buy the car.

The ad was directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, who directed “The Bear” for Canal+. soundtrack is by Cat Power’s cover of “Dark End of the Street”

But will this ad convince more men to buy the Beetle? And does it even matter? As long as people are buying the vehicle, who cares what sex they are?

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VW Subtly (Desperately?) Urges Men to Buy Beetle

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