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Attend Content Marketing World to Be Rocked by Mark Hammil And Cheap Trick


Last year I went to Content Marketing World for the first time. Prior, I had been to several other content/social focused conferences and all are good in their respective niches. But Content Marketing World is really the mother of all things when it comes to content marketing.

Last year, the keynote was delivered by John Cleese which, as you can imagine, was awesome! How do you top John Cleese? It’s not easy but the folks behind CMW have done it. This year the keynote speaker will be Mark Hammil. Yes, that Mark Hammil!

If that’s not enough, Cheap Trick, yes, Cheap Trick will give a concert the evening of the conference’s first day.

So yea, awesome, right? But just like I witnessed last year, this year will also include some amazing speakers who are well versed in the area of content such as Ann Handley, Mitch Joel, Jay Baer, Rand Fiskin, Krintina Halvorson, Scott Stratten, Tim Ash, Susan Borst, Gina Dietrich, Rebecca Lieb, Brian Massey, Lee Odden and so many more.

In all, the conference will have more than 150 sessions presented by the best speakers covering strategy, integration, measurement, and more content marketing ideas you can use as you leave behind the old ways of online advertising and adopt the new.

And while, in full disclosure, I’m writing this in exchange for a press pass to the event, I can personally guarantee you will love it! (Oh God, I sound like George Zimmer from Men’s Warehouse!)

To find out more info and to register, go here.

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Attend Content Marketing World to Be Rocked by Mark Hammil And Cheap Trick

Let Me Tell You About IZEAfest And Why You Should Go This Year


Six years ago in 2009 I went to IZEAfest in Orlando. It was an incredible event which occurred during the height of the birth of social media. It was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.

Well, IZEA Founder Ted Murphy is bringing it back in late October at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort.

If you want to know what it was like in 2009, read this article and this article. Together, they sum up two days of conference awesomeness.

Yes, we were all younger and crazier back then but that just made everything more awesome.

This year, the speaker line up is incredible. If you go, you’ll hear from PayPal Head of Social Media Dave Peck, Discover Head of Brand Partnerships Jake Lestan, Kellogg’s Social Media Manager Justin Godley, The Economist Director of Content Strategy Heather Taylor, WOMMA President Suzanne Fanning, IAB Director of Industry Initiatives Susan Borst, So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Winner Fik-Shun, Vine Celebrities Rajiv Dhall and Andrew Bazzi, MOMables Founder Laura Fuentes, SimplySadieJane Owner Sadie Jane and so many more.

Oh and let’s not forget headliner Extra TV Host Mario Lopez.

And just like the 2009 event, the speakers are just part of the fun. There will be an opening party at Disney’s Atlantic Dance Hall, a takeover of Disney’s Hollywood Studios where attendees will have free reign of the park and, if you like, to attend the Creator’s Choice Awards. There will be a closing party at the Swan & Dolphin Lake Terrace and on the last day, a chance to attend the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

It was personally the most fun I’ve ever had at a conference as well as an incredible learning experience.

If you’re interested, check out the conference at izeafest.com.

I wasn’t paid to write this but Adrants is a media sponsor and I’ve been offered a free pass so, technically, you could say I was/will be paid. But, honestly, it was a great event the first time I went and, no doubt, it will be great this time around!

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Let Me Tell You About IZEAfest And Why You Should Go This Year

Headed to Cannes? Here’s Your Handy Beach Map


In case you don’t feel like attending sessions at Cannes like a good delegate and would rather spend your days on the beach soaking up the sun and stealing glances at those young, up-and-coming creatives who are more than happy to frolic on the beach as if it were Spring Break, Italian agency, Aylene Gardider has you covered.

Just as they did last year, the agency is out with a map of the beaches in Cannes so you can be sure you’re meeting up in the right spot. Feel free to download the full sized version below.


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Headed to Cannes? Here’s Your Handy Beach Map

Ad Industry Productivity to Plummet 37% During Advertising Week


Did you read that headline? Will you tweet it? Will you share it on Facebook? Maybe LinkedIn? Oh and how about on Ello? Oh yea. Ello. Everyone’s on Ello this week, right? Oh wait, you’re not? Loser. OK, just kidding. You’re actually one of the smart ones to avoid this FOMO Folly that’s reached epic insanity.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Its Advertising Week. And all the bigwigs, blowhards, pontificators, bloviators and, oh yea, smart people who know all kinds of awesome shit about advertising have gathered in New York to share their expertise so the rest of us can Tweet it, Facebook it, post it to LinkedIn and, yea, Ello.

So what about this precipitous drop in productivity during Advertising Week? Surely with everyone out of the office either getting some all important face time on a panel or sitting in the audience drinking in all this free knowledge, there ain’t much work getting done in the office.

Oh wait, you mean you left all your work to the interns? Yea, that’ll go over well. Besides, all the interns are doing this week are following you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, yea, Ello so they don’t suffer from Advertising Week FOMO hence, they aren’t covering your ass while you’re out having fun and pretending to work.

Which, again, brings us back to the epic drop in work productivity in the ad industry this week. Thirty seven percent. That’s a big drop. Imagine in Apple cut iPhone production by 37%? Yea, now you can relate to what we’re talking about here. Kinda makes you want to head back to the office and get some work done, right?

No? No? You’d rather listen to Katie Couric and Sheryl Sandberg or maybe get an eyeful of Martin Sorrell holding court? Well that’s entirely up to you. Much like Cannes Lions, these industry shindigs are much more about schmoozing and boozing than garnering inspiration. A callous viewpoint, you say? Check your hangover in the morning and get back to us.

Oh and as to how we arrived at the 37% drop in productivity figure? We totally made it up. But you have to admit, despite all you pro-multi-taskers out there, you simply can’t work and play at the same time. Something’s gotta give. And we know what’s giving this week. See you around town.

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Ad Industry Productivity to Plummet 37% During Advertising Week

Going to ad:tech New York? Here’s Your 20% Discount Code


If you work in online marketing then you’re probably aware ad:tech is pretty much the largest conference out there covering online marketing and advertising technology. Perhaps you’ve been. Perhaps you haven’t. If you have, then you know how beneficial it can be both from a networking and educational perspective. If you haven’t been, see the previous sentence. The bottom line is you should go.

We’re not saying this because this promotion is part of media sponsor deal we have with ad:tech (to be clear, it is), rather it is because we have been to every ad:tech for the past ten years and can personally vouch for the benefits you will realize if you choose to attend. To make that decision a bit easier, we can offer you 20% off the registration fee if you use the discount code: ADR20NY14.

ad:tech New York will take place at the Javits Center November 5-6.

Oh and a secret: Follow the @adrants Twitter account closely. We’ll be tweeting out a link to a one time only offer for a 100% free All Access pass to the conference sometime on Thursday. Whomever clicks first and registers, gets the free pass.

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Going to ad:tech New York? Here’s Your 20% Discount Code