Twilight Couple and Katie Holmes Top Ask’s List of Most Asked Questions

Earlier this week we learned that Americans have an unnatural fascination for Kim Kardashian but they apparently don’t think about her in terms of a question because she didn’t make’s most asked list.

Top question on the Ask list? Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together?

The Twilight twosome weren’t the only celebrity couple to make the list. Folks also wanted to know if Katie Holmes’ marriage to Tom Cruise was fake, and they wanted to know when Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were getting married.

Other personal questions included, “why did Miley Cyrus cut her hair” and “does Ryan Lochte have a girlfriend.” And many people wanted to know, what exactly is Gangnam Style?

Take heart, not all the top search questions were about celebrity gossip. Several news stories also made the list:

  •     2012 Olympics. How many medals did the US gymnastics team win?
  •     Hurricane Sandy. What is the damage from Hurricane Sandy?
  •     Black Knight shooting. What happened at the Colorado shooting?
  •     Jerry Sandusky. What is Jerry Sandusky’s sentence?
  •     iPhone 5. When will the iPhone 5 be released?
  •     Facebook IPO. When is the Facebook IPO?

Top political searches and questions from include:

  •     Presidential race. Who will win the Presidential race?
  •     Democratic National Convention. When is Clinton speaking at the DNC?
  •     Mitt Romney. What did Mitt Romney say about 47 percent?
  •     Republican National Convention. Why did Clint Eastwood talk to a chair in his speech?

So, even when talking politics, celebrity gossip slips in.

In addition to complying their Most Asked list, Ask sent Harris pollsters out into the world to find out “What’s on America’s Mind.”

They found out that 59% of Americans don’t like reading friends’ political views on Facebook and they didn’t like getting answers from friends through social media.

They cared enough to ask about Kristen Stewart’s lovelife, but Kate Middleton was their favorite celebrity with 47% of the vote. Brad and Angelina came in next, Tom and Katie followed.

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